30-day challenge: get more from your core!

30-day challenge: get more from your core!


Next 30-Day Challenge

Can you believe it’s been a week since we finished the last 30-day challenge? Why not start another one? Wait, ANOTHER 30-day challenge? OH HECK YEAH!

You know that highly addictive feeling you get when you start to see and feel results? I don’t know about you, but I started seeing them in the first 30-day challenge, and I’m pumped to see more! Now look, I’m not necessarily getting phone calls to be on the cover of Fitness Magazine, but crushing 100 push-ups will give you a little (teeny-weeny) bit of arm definition. My arms pulsed in pain just thinking about doing 40 push-ups 30 days ago, but not anymore. BRING IT! Let’s not let all that hard work go to waste!
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 The last 30-day challenge was a combo of push-ups and core strength. Those 30-day challenges are here if you need to reference them or care so deeply about fitness that you want to share them with the world.

This next 30-day challenge is going to take what we started and build upon it. Each day will have a 50 push-ups and 100 crunches, but this time there’s an added variety to the planks. We’re looking to diversify the muscles we are working in and around our core. There will be a combo of STANDARD PLANKS, RIGHT SIDE-PLANKS, LEFT SIDE-PLANKS, UP/DOWN PLANKS, AND REVERSE PLANKS. There are videos below if you want a visual on some of these different types of planks.

You might be looking at this challenge thinking, “how the hell am I going to do 50 push-ups and 100 crunches and then all these planks?!” One tip of advice is to not look at each day’s task as one big number, but instead break down the sit-ups and push-ups into smaller groups between planks. For Example – Day 1: 10 push-ups, 20 crunches, 5 sec plank, 10 push-ups, 20 crunches, 5 sec left-side plank, 10 push-ups … get it? If the 50 push-ups and 100 crunches seems like it’s a little too advanced overall, drop them down to 30 push-ups and 50 crunches per day, or even less if you need to. Your call. Find a challenge for yourself, set a 30-day goal, and stick to it!

Click here to download this 30-Day Challenge
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If you are unfamiliar with any of the plank styles, check out the below videos:






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