a happy monkey: almond butter, coffee, banana smoothie

a happy monkey: almond butter, coffee, banana smoothie

Almond Butter, Coffee & Banana Smoothie

The Earnest Monkey – Banana, Almond Butter, Coffee Smoothie

Banana. Almond Butter. Coffee. In no specific order, these are the foods I crave most after a run. My last meal on earth will include them … and a side of chocolate … and pizza … oh, and wine. Yes, you’re invited!

For the purpose of this smoothie recipe, we’re sticking to bananas, almond butter and coffee. A sticky palate-pleasing combo that will put a smile on your face and give a generous serving of protein to get you rebooted after your workout. You probably don’t need convincing to understand why these foods rank so highly on my food chart, but here’s the deal:

bananas: Mama Nature created the perfect on-the-go fruit when she birthed the banana. It even comes with its own pull-tab! Pretty rad. These pre-wrapped energy bombs are quite a-peel-ing to the masses, but runners and bananas are like macaroni and cheese. We are the perfect pair. As a pre, during or post-run fuel, they offer a healthy dose of potassium – perfect for heavy sweaters like me – and they also come packed with vitamin C and iron to boot. Bananas have an irresistibly sweet, smooshy-mouthed goodness you can sandwich, mash, bake, blend, sauté, or just peel and eat! What’s not to love?

almond butter: There are two things I make out with: my husband and the almond butter jar. Not at the same time, but that’s truly how much I love almond butter. Once my spoon hits the jar it’s just me and that butter for a solid 5 minutes. (Insert bad porn music here. Please, no interruptions.) I haven’t completely given up on peanut butter, but almonds give a better bang for the buck. Nutritionally speaking, they are a powerhouse with more omega-3 fatty acids and fiber than peanuts, plus they contain magnesium and vitamin E. (Check out my easy-to-make homemade almond butter recipe here.) Now back to my 5 minutes in heaven.

coffee: I live in Seattle so let’s just start there. I didn’t grow up drinking great coffee, but now I get it. Coffee is like beer – there are really crappy tasting ones and really great tasting ones. Get the good shit. In addition to the caffeine kick, did you know that coffee is gaining status with its health benefits? It lowers the risk of some types of cancer, carries essential nutrients and antioxidants, and it keeps us mentally sharp. Plus, it’s just 2 calories per 8 oz cup – easy on the cream and sugar.

If you have a similar passion for these three foods, you’re totally going to love this smoothie. It has a well-balanced blend of flavor that isn’t too bold on the coffee or banana and finishes off as a silky ice milk texture. Perfect for a post-workout refuel!

a happy monkey: almond butter, coffee, banana smoothie

Prep Time: 4 minutes

Production Time: 1 minute

Total Time: 5 minutes

Yield: 1 smoothie

a happy monkey: almond butter, coffee, banana smoothie



  1. Place all ingredients into the blender.
  2. Blend on high until smooth.
  3. Pour into a cup, channel your inner monkey, put on a smile and enjoy!


Feel free to substitute a different protein powder.


What are your most craved post-run foods? Have a favorite post-run smoothie recipe you enjoy?  I’d love to try it!  Send them over in the comments section below.


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