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quinoa black bean veggie burgers

Quinoa Black Bean Veggie Burger

Preparing homemade veggie burgers can seem intimidating if you’ve never tried it before. Fear not! These quinoa black bean veggie burgers are simple to make, and they come out sturdy enough to hold up in a bun. Don’t they look scrumptious?

Do you remember this Bud Light commercial?
Not ALL quinoa burgers taste like dirty old tree branches. I promise!

Belly up to the table for a veggie-lovers delight! These meatless patties are packed with protein and fiber to fill you up and keep your stomach happy for hours.

Black beans, also known as legumes, are a protein-plus-fiber food source. A one-cup serving provides 15 grams of fiber (that’s more than half the daily recommended intake) and 15 grams of protein (about a third of the average adult daily recommended intake). Legumes play a healthy role in keeping our digestive tract moving, our blood sugar regulated, and they make our hearts happy.

Quinoa — “the Mother of all Grains” — it’s a strange nickname because it’s not even a grain. Quinoa is a magical little seed! This plant-sourced protein is also a complete protein, which means it has all 9 essential amino acids that our bodies cannot produce. In a 1955 article on “Edible Seed Products of the Andes Mountains”, researcher Philip White wrote, “while no single food can supply all the essential life-sustaining nutrients, quinoa comes as close as any other in the plant or animal kingdom.” Quinoa is also gluten-free and a rich source of potassium (helps support fluid and electrolyte balance). Vegetarians and gluten-free folks rejoice in the name of QUINOA! I could go on about this superfood, but let’s get to that recipe, shall we?

Quinoa Black Bean Veggie Burger Recipe