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seattle’s best running routes

running maps in seattle

You know what makes me giddy like a schoolgirl? The fact that I’ve started receiving emails from some of you reading my blog! While it may seem like it’s no big deal, it’s kind of like receiving a Barbie Dreamhouse for Christmas when you’re 4.  I mean, maybe not AS cool, but what it says is A) you’re reading this crazy blog and B) it’s incredibly beneficial for me to hear your opinions, understand what inspires you, and know what you could stand to never read again. A sincere THANK YOU coming your way — you all rock!

Recently, I’ve had emails from folks asking me to share my favorite running places in Seattle. After cutting and pasting the email a few times, the thought crossed my mind to go ahead and share them with the rest of you. Total duh moment!

Seattle is loaded with trails, parks, and walking paths offering endless options to get your run on. Whether you’re visiting for a few days or setting your sites on becoming a Seattleite, these maps offer perfect starting lines for you lace up, head out, and explore some of the picturesque views this city has to offer. Here are 11 of Seattle’s BEST running routes delivered straight to you!

DOWNTOWN: Seattle waterfront with 180° of Puget Sound

 Alaskan Way Running Route Seattle

BALLARD: salty sea air and a hip ol‘ maritime town 

Ballard Running Route

FREMONT: home to Brooks Running and the troll

Brooks Running Fremont running loop6.4 MILE LAKE UNION LOOP
Lake Union Running Loop

GREEN LAKE: a total running hot spot

2.8 MILE GREEN LAKE INNER LOOPGreen Lake Inner Loop Seattle Running

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trots: 8-week 5K training program

Thanksgiving Day turkey trots are just around the corner, and believe it or not, there’s still time train!

The 5K training program I’ve put together starts THIS SUNDAY, October 3rd. Don’t worry, your first day is a rest day. (Thanks, Coach!) If you can trot for 5 1-minute increments with a 90-second pause in between each, you can gobble up this program! In just 8-weeks from now, you’ll be huffin’ for the stuffin’ when you cross that finish line. What’s more fun than that? Bring the whole family along and dress up like the bunch of turkeys you are! Here’s a link some festive costume ideas.

-Check out my “10 things I wish I knew before I started running” post.
-Make sure you have good running shoes!
-Write down your goals somewhere you can see them.
-Print the training plan out and tape it up somewhere.  Cross off the days you’ve completed!
-Start slow.  There is no need for speed in this program. Find a pace where you can breathe easy and talk if you choose to.
-Download a good running playlist. Here are two new ones I’m currently listening to.
-Reach out to me with ANY questions, motivational moments, etc through the process. I’d love to hear how your training is going!
-Register for the race. It will keep you motivated!

Click here to download the 8-week Thanksgiving 5K Training Plan

5K Training Program.jpg


pump up your running music playlist – it’s international music day

rock your run with these running music playlists

Music is a universal language that reaches our souls and gets our toes tapping, booties shaking and legs running. Lord Yehudi Menuhin, an accomplished violinist and conductor, named October 1st, 1975 as the first official International Music Day to honor the melodic art that brings the world together. Lord Yehudi basically wanted the world to know that music rocks! 

Let’s take a moment of silence for music. 

 photo Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 11.00.24 AM.png

Runners have an intimate relationship with music — for some, the run can’t go on without it! If you head to a local running path, I bet you’ll find the majority of people wearing headphones. But the choice of what and when to listen is a personal matter. Some runners drive leg cadence to a specific beat while others blast their favorite 80s power ballad to push them up a hill. There ain’t no shame in air drumming to a little Van Halen on the way to an intense track workout either. Find whatever puts the rhythm in your run and pump it louder.

Do I listen to music on the run? Sometimes. I’ve always found there’s no need for music if I have a running buddy who likes to gab, but if I’m out there alone I’ll bring it along. To avoid using headphones, I’ve started using the speakers on my phone and set them at a minimal level. It’s sort of like an old school boom box, but not really at all — the cool factor is like a minus 10 in comparison. Cool or not, it allows me to hear what’s going on around me (cars, bikes, creepers), plus there’s the value add of a phone in case of emergencies … or …

 photo Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 6.30.27 PM.jpg



10 things I wish I knew before I started running

Starting a running program isn’t a difficult process. Clothes on, shoes laced, and out the door we go. Easy, right? My first steps went something like that. I think I also ran for 30 seconds, breathing like an overheated dog and second-guessing my sanity. I’ve learned a lot since then. The good news is I lived through it, became a runner, and now I love sharing what I’ve learned along the way with others who are beginning their own running journeys!

Here’s my list of 10 things I wish I knew before I started running:

1. BUY GREAT SHOES: If you buy nothing else before beginning a new running program, invest in a great pair of running shoes. Take it from someone who worked in the running shoe industry for almost 15 years – it’s worth the investment. Think of them as your float equipment – your running life preserver. Shoes are designed to protect your body and make the run feel a little more cushy. You shouldn’t have to take out a second mortgage to buy them, but do expect to pay anywhere from $90-$150 for a good shoe. How will you know what to buy? Find your local running store and let them take you through a proper fit process. It’s the best way to meet your sole mate. Then, crown them your “running only” shoes. By giving them that special purpose, your body will feel fresh when you put them on, and they’ll last longer. In the words of Forrest Gump…


we beat the blerch – a recap of our half marathon

beat the blerch

What do Nutella sandwiches, cake, and magical grape beverage have in common? They are all ways you can fuel, aka stuff your face, at the “Beat the Blerch” race series. For my husband’s second half marathon, he wanted a completely different race experience than his first, which was the 2014 Rock and Roll Vancouver half marathon. I think we succeeded in finding something unique. If you’re like me and have heavenly visions when you hear the words Nutella and running in the same sentence, this race is for you! 

First let’s start with a little background info:

what’s a “blerch”: The Blerch is a cartoon character created by Matthew Inman, the author of the online comic, The Oatmeal. He’s a chunky, devil-on-your-shoulder character whose sole purpose is to defeat your running mojo by tempting you with activities such as eating junk food, hitting the snooze button, and binge watching Netflix. It’s also the sound a condiment bottle makes when you squeeze it.

This is a Blerch. Isn’t he cute?

 photo Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.48.51 PM.png