pump up your running music playlist

pump up your running music playlist – it’s international music day

rock your run with these running music playlists

Music is a universal language that reaches our souls and gets our toes tapping, booties shaking and legs running. Lord Yehudi Menuhin, an accomplished violinist and conductor, named October 1st, 1975 as the first official International Music Day to honor the melodic art that brings the world together. Lord Yehudi basically wanted the world to know that music rocks! 

Let’s take a moment of silence for music. 

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Runners have an intimate relationship with music — for some, the run can’t go on without it! If you head to a local running path, I bet you’ll find the majority of people wearing headphones. But the choice of what and when to listen is a personal matter. Some runners drive leg cadence to a specific beat while others blast their favorite 80s power ballad to push them up a hill. There ain’t no shame in air drumming to a little Van Halen on the way to an intense track workout either. Find whatever puts the rhythm in your run and pump it louder.

Do I listen to music on the run? Sometimes. I’ve always found there’s no need for music if I have a running buddy who likes to gab, but if I’m out there alone I’ll bring it along. To avoid using headphones, I’ve started using the speakers on my phone and set them at a minimal level. It’s sort of like an old school boom box, but not really at all — the cool factor is like a minus 10 in comparison. Cool or not, it allows me to hear what’s going on around me (cars, bikes, creepers), plus there’s the value add of a phone in case of emergencies … or …

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Since you’ve not been exposed to my musical tastes yet, I’ll give you a little peek into the jukebox. I cast a wide net when it comes to my music choice.  If I like it, I like it.  If I don’t, I don’t. Unless I’m creating a themed playlist, there doesn’t have to be a huge reason for me to put a song on a playlist. My one criteria is that it must make me happy when I hear it. I don’t discriminate against genre or decade; hence the Hall & Oats/Pitbull combo below.

Have a happy International Music Day. Enjoy these playlists today, tomorrow … and then next day … and the next day … and on your long runs this weekend. The below two playlists have been on my rotation for a while, but the “Fall for Running” playlist features newer music you might currently be hearing on the radio. Go ahead and share them with some of your running buddies as well!

QUESTION: What is your favorite running song or songs that you’re listening to now?  Send it over and I’ll feature it in an upcoming playlist! Post it below in the comments section. 

Playlist 1: Summer Running Had Me a Blast

Playlist 2: Fall for Running

Don’t like my taste in music?  That’s cool!  Here are other links to playlists you could check out.
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Feature photo cred to: Anthony DELANOI 


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